Welcome to Eco Lawn Grants

Welcome to Eco Lawn Grants

Welcome to Eco Lawn GrantsWelcome to Eco Lawn GrantsWelcome to Eco Lawn Grants

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 Traditional gasoline-powered lawn mowers, small lawn care equipment and transport vehicles release harmful chemicals into the environment. These pollutants, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, contribute to the green house effect and smog.



EPA studies have concluded that one lawn mower produces approximately the same amount of pollutants as eleven modern cars. They also estimate that millions of gallons of gasoline are spilled refueling lawn equipment each year. 



 The catalytic converter, which has been reducing car emissions since the  1970s, has not been integrated into the vast majority of lawn mowers.  Gasoline alternatives such as diesel, propane, and electricity, and  solar power can also reduce pollution. 


 Hire an ELG certified contractor for your property maintenance and help improve the environment while saving on maintenance costs. Eco Lawn Grants promotes eco-friendly lawn maintenance using technology to improve the environment while saving consumers up to 50%!

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